Archive: November 14, 2021

Payment Services

We have spent the past few weeks finalising our preferred payment methods for the services provided and have listed bellow the options and the benefits of each.

Direct Debit – by GoCardless
Sign up to GoCardless with the email link provided with your first Invoice and we can automatically take your monthly invoice directly from your account. No worrying about forgetting, no late fees* and less time spent by you.
This system will also allow us to take any extra charges that apply each month, such as forwarding charges and storage charges. All of which you will receive a full receipt for.

Credit/Debit Card – by Stripe
Our stripe card payment system is great if you need to swap payment sources regularly but does have a higher monthly fee** atatched to it. Payments must be made and cleared before the due date or an automatic late fee applies. This method gives you a full control of exactly when money leaves your accounts and may suit some of you better.

Chip and Pin Onsite
We do offer onsite payments for customers but this is not our preferred method of taking payment as it requires staff to check amounts due while you are waiting. So again a small charge*** does apply. This service is accepted however for some of our on demand services, office and storage services.


Lee – Bonnyrigg Business Park

*No late fees as long as payment does not fail.
** A small £0.50 monthly surcharge applies to all a credit/debit card customers. This is due to the manual processes required at our end to make sure you have paid the full amount on time.
***Onsite chip and pin payments receive a £0.50 surcharge to cover time required for staff to check amounts due. Ondemand services do not receive this surcharge if booked onsite.

Planting Trees for every customer

As part of our long term goals we have decided that for every single new customer we will plant 1 tree to help offset the CO2 created by our services.

Each tree will offset approximately 0.3Tonnes of CO2 over the course of its life along with other benifits :

  • Absorb carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provide farms with work to support the local economy
  • Give someone an income and a skill to feed their family
  • Protect animals from deforestation
  • Increase rainfall, purify water and improve crop yield.

To further show our support for every 6 months you stay with us we will plant 1 more tree for your benefit, you can choose to have notifications or certificates to show your input.

What Else Are We Doing ?

Our website is hosted on a server fully powered by wind turbines.

Why are wind turbines better for the environment?

Because wind turbines produce 100 % renewable energy, based on a natural resource.

How is this possible?

Our servers are placed at data centres that run on power purchased with RECS-certificates, which guarantees that the power used comes from wind turbines. RECS stands for Renewable Energy Certificate System, and is a worldwide collaboration that makes it possible to book and claim power.

Want to help plant more trees ? Contact us and we can tell you how.


Lee – Bonnyrigg Business Park

Phone Packages

Our phone packages are active now. Sign up today and we can have you active within 24 hours of completed payment*. We do offer discounts on this service when bought alongside another package.

Landline 24/7Mobile 24/7Timed LandlineTimed Mobile
Timed DivertNoNoScheduled HoursScheduled Hours
Inbound CallsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
VoicemailNoNoStraight to emailStraight to email
Custom GreetingNoNoYesYes
Divert Always24/7/36524/7/365NoNo
HD CallsYesYesYesYes
Numbers Included1111
Monthly Price£20£25£22£27
All prices are excluding VAT. On a monthly rolling contract. Discounts for long term contracts. Extra numbers £5 ex Vat per month. Discounts applied if purchased alongside other services.

We do offer discounts for 6 month and 12 month contracts when paid upfront. 1 month free on 6 month plans and 2 months free on 12 month plans. At the end of your contract we will continue to apply a 5% discount to your plan if paid monthly.


Lee – Bonnyrigg Business Park

*This is only possible during the working week. Payments made Friday will normally be completed Monday. Where possible we will get you active faster.