Virtual Offices

Since 2020 changed the way we all work running an office or shop front is not always the main interest of every business. To move on many businesses have moved to virtual addresses.

A virtual office gives you many of the benefits of a normal office or workspace with much lower costs.

  • Commercial address
  • Somewhere to send mail/stock
  • local phone number
  • mail opening and forwarding
  • Access to our bulk printing services
  • Use of our onsite offices*
  • Professional base if your customers look in to you.

All of this and much more allows for you to give your business a substantial presence when you might just be working off of your dining room table. Perfect if your just starting out or growing, far less costs with a professional base.

For some of you it might just be important to keep your business mail and contact addresses separate from your home details.

Why Are We Unique?

Our virtual offices are unique due to a number of factors. Our biggest unique factor is really our storage services, as virtual offices usually only provide an address. At Bonnyrigg Business park we provide longterm storage as well as on demand storage. For everything from single boxes up to 100 pallets of stock. We can accept parcels and packages of all shapes and sizes and are even able to help you get your parcels and packages collected and dispatched.

Our on site forklifts have a maximum weight limit of 10 Tonne so almost anything can be loaded or unloaded to progress your business or projects.

*subject to availability and charged at an hourly/daily rate. Only available 9am – 4pm Monday-Friday. Booking in advance required.